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Warranty and Claims Conditions

Warranty and Claims Conditions

A) Warranty

  1. The warranty is for 24 months and commences on the day the Buyer accepts the ordered products. All risks of damage to the products are borne by the Buyer from the date on which it accepts the ordered products from the Seller or delivery company. The purchased product will retain its properties for the warranty period.
    The warranty does not cover:
    1. Mechanical damage, destruction of loss caused by the negligence of the Buyer or a third party or a random event,
    2. Mechanical damage, destruction or loss caused by a force majeure event or a random event or accident,
    3. Any damage to products that occurs as a result of the incorrect and inappropriate use of the products or their use in unsuitable conditions, unsuitable storage, unprofessional maintenance, exchange, misuse of the product, the application of aggressive chemicals, neglected maintenance or other use in breach of the user manual, general principles, technical standards or safety regulations valid in the Slovak Republic caused by the Buyer or a third party,
    4. Any damage resulting from unprofessional interference by the Buyer or a third party into the product or improper installation of the product or damage caused by the use of the product that prevents the product from being preserved in a proper manner,
    5. Normal wear and tear of the product occurring as a result of its use, including the loss of filter functionality due to the expiry of its service life, use pursuant to the user manual and/or information posted on,
    6. Defects caused by the use of accessories and components with the purchased product other than those produced by LIVECO.
    7. Product components with a limited service life, depending on the quality and quantity of used water or which require replacement at recommended intervals based on the user manual (e.g. water filter, the collagen and vitamin C filter).

The warranty lapses:

    1. Upon failure to present the product, any accessories and all components or Seller-approved documentation for the product, in particular proof of payment, delivery note or warranty card,
    2. The failure to announce clear defects upon receipt of the product and the failure to announce any non-compliance that the Buyer knew about or must have known about at the moment an order was placed,
    3. The expiry of the warranty period provided for the product.
  1. The Seller is obliged to issue the Buyer a proper tax record, i.e. proof of purchase, that the Buyer will receive at the latest along with the delivery of the ordered product.

B) Claims Conditions

    1. By sending an order, the consumer confirms to the Seller that it has read the contents of the Claims Regulations shown herein in this Point B), understood them and confirms that he/she has been properly informed of the conditions and method for making claims related to products.
    2. The Seller recommends that consumers check with regarding steps they can take themselves in order to restore the products back to their original condition and eliminate problems before applying a claim in the interests of more efficiently resolving problems and avoiding excessive and unnecessary costs as well as unpleasant worries. Consumers can also help speed up and make the claims process more efficient by requesting more information from
    3. Warranty repairs are secured by the Seller via the product manufacturer.
    4. Claims liquidation is understood as the end of the claims process and results in the provision of a repaired product, a replacement product, the refunding of the product's purchase price, the award of an appropriate discount from the price of a product, a written call to accept compensation or justified reasons to reject a claim.
    5. Consumers are obliged to apply any claims immediately with the Seller in a written letter immediately after a defect is discovered; otherwise the Seller is not obliged to accept a claim.
    6. Consumers have the right to apply a product's warranty with the Seller for products that show defects caused by the manufacturer, the delivery company or the Seller, for products covered by the warranty and products sold by the specific Seller.
    7. A condition for the application of a claim is the provision of the defective product in its original condition and packaging, its accessories and all components, accompanying documentation, manuals, original proof of purchase and warranty card if included in the packaged product sold by the Seller at its registered office or other store. Consumers are obliged to precisely describe a defect and how such defect appears. Consumers must provide their first and last names, address, a valid email address, telephone number, the order number, the order date and the number of the given tax record. This information must be provided for every applied claim and is a condition for accepting a claim. The Seller may request consumers provide additional details that are missing from the claim via email or over the phone. The Seller's term for liquidating a claim is halted until the consumer provides the information requested by the Seller.
    8. Products for which a claim has been applied must be delivered via post or a courier service to the Seller's registered address, which the site where claims are applied: LIVECO, PROSPECT, spol. s r.o., J. Simora 5, 94001 Nové Zámky, Slovakia. If a consumer is sending claimed goods to the Seller, the consumer must provide the product with sufficient packaging so as to ensure no damage occurs to the product during transport; otherwise the Seller may decide to reject the claim due to damage that has occurred on the basis of unsuitable, inadequate or defective packaging.
    9. The Seller will only accept products for which a claim has been applied directly from consumers at the site of in-person delivery by the consumer at the Seller's registered office during opening hours if so agreed in advance via email and if the claim provides the details required pursuant to these terms and conditions.
    10. The Seller is obliged to provide the Buyer with confirmation once a claim has been applied. If the claim is applied via remote means of communication, the Seller must deliver such confirmation of an applied claim to the consumer immediately; if immediate delivery is impossible, delivery must take place without any undue delay, at the latest with the claims liquidation record; confirmation of an applied claim does not have to be delivered if the consumer has the ability to prove the application of a claim in any other manner. The Seller or an authorized entity will issue the Buyer confirmation in a suitable format chosen by the Seller, i.e. email format.
    11. The consumer has the right to the free, timely and full remedy of a reparable defect. The Seller is obliged to remedy a defect without any undue delay. The consumer can request the replacement of a product instead of a remedy for a defect or the replacement of components where appropriate if the Seller does not incur excessive costs with regards to the price of the product and the seriousness of the defects. The Seller can always request the replacement of a defective product for a non-defective product so long as this causes no serious hardship for the consumer. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the agreement if a defect cannot be repaired and prevents the regular use of the product. The consumer has the same right if a defect can be repaired but the consumer is prevented from using the product due to the repeated occurrence or a larger number (at least three) defects. In the case of such irreparable defects, the consumer has a right to an appropriate discount from the price for the product. The repeated occurrence of a defect is understood as third recurrence of the same defects that has already been claimed and repaired two times previously.
    12. Based on the consumer's decision of which such rights pursuant to the previous point 11) to apply, the Seller is obliged to immediately propose a method for liquidating the claim; in complex cases such a method must be proposed within 3 working days from the date on which a claim is applied; in justified cases, in particular if cases where the complex technical nature of the product requires, this deadline can be extended to 30 days from the date on which a claim is applied. After the method for liquidating the claim is defined, the claim will be liquidated immediately, in justified cases such liquidation may be delayed, but in such cases the liquidation of a claim cannot last for more than 30 days after the application of a claim. After the expiry of the claims liquidation period, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the agreement or to a new replacement for the claimed product.
    13. The Seller will inform the consumer via email, over the phone or in a letter of the end of a claims procedure and the results of the claim and will deliver a claim report to the consumer along with the product.
    14. If the consumer applies a claim for a product within the first 12 months since purchase, the Seller can only reject the claim on the basis of a professional assessment (an expert's opinion or a statement issued by an authorized, notification or accreditation authority or a statement from another entity approved by the manufacturer to conduct warranty repairs (hereinafter only "defined entity");  regardless of the results of such professional assessment, the Seller cannot seek payment of costs associated with the professional assessment or another other costs associated thereto from the consumer.
    15. If the consumer makes a claim for a product in the 12 months since purchase and the Seller rejects this claim, the entity that has liquidated the claim is obliged in the claim report to state who the consumer can send the product for the purposes of a professional assessment. If the product is sent for a professional assessment to the defined entity, the costs for the professional assessment and all other related and specifically incurred costs are borne by the Seller regardless of the results of the professional assessment. If the professional assessment proves that the Seller is liable for the defect, the claim may be applied again; any warranty period is halted during the performance of such professional assessment. The Seller is obliged to pay the consumer for all costs incurred by professional assessment within 14 days from the reapplication of a claim as well as all related and specifically incurred costs. A reapplied claim cannot be rejected.
    16. The Seller is obliged to issue a written record concerning the liquidation of a claim within 30 days from the application of the claim.
    17. The Seller reserves the right to replace defective products with similar products featuring comparable technical parameters.
    18. The warranty period is extended for the period in which the Buyer cannot use the product as a result of a valid claim.