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ECOHEAD SHOWER water-saving hand shower

Water saving hand shower for healthier skin

Package contents:
1x Showerhead
1x Water filter
1x Filter with collagen and vitamin C

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Thanks to the Ecohead showerhead with micro-pores, you'll use every drop of water more efficiently while enjoying the same shower quality and using less water.


An Ecohead showerhead oxygenates the water and removes chlorine. It enriches the water with vitamin C and health supporting collagen. Deep hydration and massage make it perfect for people with sensitive and allergic skin.


Thanks to the special metal plate with micro-pores, you can save up to 60 - 65% of the water and energy needed to heat that water when you use Ecohead Shower without giving up any shower quality or enjoyment.


Why are anions so beneficial?

Anions provide a number of positive effects and help improve overall health. Anions help to clean the blood, improve mental stability, nerve control, improve liver function, activation and cell regeneration and help clean the air. They also support metabolism and strengthen the immune system. Thanks to these effects they reinforce the natural regeneration ability of the body.

Did you know that waterfalls generate a huge quantity of anions? Experience the refreshing energy of a waterfall in your own home! Thanks to the 412 micro-pores in the shower plate, a LIVECO Ecohead Shower generates more than 500,000 anions per cm3.

Anions also release and support the creation of serotonin and nerve transmitters in the brain, which help induce a feeling of calm, support breathing, relax muscles and lessen fatigue and anxiety. The beneficial effects of anions are absorbed by breathing and through the skin. Negatively-charged ions released by the Liveco Ecohead Shower recharge you with positive energy after a demanding day.


Give your skin the exceptional care it deserves

ECOHEAD Shower gives your skin balance while purifying and providing deep hydration.

Healthy skin has a pH on average between 5.4 and 5.9. In this pH range the skin is stocked with natural skin flora, which prevents the proliferation of pathogens. Physiological balance can be altered by frequent and excessive use of soap, which causes the skin to lose its protection system, which may result in an infection. Skin pH is acidic and soaps are mainly alkaline. Their excessive use may dry out and irritate the skin, in particular in children and the elderly, those with sensitive and inflamed skin and those with atopic dermatitis. Skin care requires avoiding contact with substance the irritate the skin, using soaps with acidic pH or appropriate replacements. Water is an important component for rinsing and hydrating the skin and external application helps support hydration, which penetrates deep into the skin.

Ecohead Shower cleans and stimulates the skin without the need for soap thanks to its unique system of filters and new technology. Micro-pores split water molecules, allowing water to penetrate deeper into the skin, which keeps skin hydrated at a deeper level for longer without the need for creams. Thanks to the collagen and vitamin C filter, the water helps prevent dandruff, hair loss, wrinkles and acne. The vitamin C filter removes chlorine found in the water. The collagen filter component enriches water, improves skin elasticity and increases the regeneration ability of your skin.


Liveco Ecohead relieves the feeling of fatigue and helps increase metabolism thanks to deep penetrating infrared light. Regular deep penetrating infrared light is pyrolyzed at 700 - 800 C and radiation dramatically declines. This product radiates deep penetrating infrared light exceeding 92% melting efficiency of crystal glass at 1300 - 1400 C. Nature is composed of oxidation and de-oxidation. Oxidation breaks down masses and water has oxidation properties. The products of such breakdown prevent smooth blood flow. Composite ceramic beads in the showerhead are able to convert oxidation properties in water into de-oxidation using deep penetrating infrared light, which helps maintain good health and body function thanks to weakly alkaline de-oxidized water.

The 412 micro-pores also create a very fine yet powerful stream of water, which enhances your shower massage experience. Enjoy the feeling of the small molecules of water that pass through the pores and cleanse your body.


Thanks to its unique properties, Liveco Ecohead provides perfect care for your baby's health and hygiene. Bathe your baby without worrying using Ecohead Shower as it provides gentle water for your baby's sensitive skin as well as high quality and safe water for your baby.

1. Metal plate with micro-pores

  • Water and cost savings of up to 65%, while maintaining shower quality and enjoyment
  • Naturally generated anions(more than 500,000/cm3) - the Lenard effect(the Lenard effect generates anions using the separation of charges resulting from the aerodynamic breakdown of water molecules when exposed to oxygen and carbon dioxide.)
  • Micro-pores split (shrink) drops of water just as in a waterfall or a fountain

2. Composite ceramic filter

  • Antibacterial effects - removes microbes and 97% of colon bacteria
  • Deodorising effect - removes water odours (tests have shown efficiency of 94%)
  • Antibiotic, anti-mould and sterilization effects
  • Activates and softens water, has a softening effect
  • Free your body of fatigue and help improve metabolism
  • Composite ceramic balls convert the oxidation properties of water to de-oxidation, creating mild alkaline de-oxidized water
  • The filter is permanent and never needs replacement


3. Water filter

  • Captures contaminants suspended in water (sediments, rust, sand, etc.), preventing them from plugging the micro-pores on the metal plate
  • Helps keep skin cleaner


4. Collagen and vitamin C filter

  • Vitamin C removes up to 99.99% of chlorine from water helping avoid dry skin
  • Vitamin C strengthens skin's immunity and hydrates, it also strengthens and hydrates hair
  • Collagen softens skin and makes the water slightly acidic
  • It whitens and helps improve the condition of atopic skin


Water contains chlorine used to sterilize the water against bacteria and microorganisms. Chlorine weakens the immune function of the body, leading to illnesses. Showering in regular water leaves chlorine residue on the skin. Using a hydrating cream only worsens this, as is only covers the residual chlorine on the skin. People with atopic or sensitive skin must first eliminate chlorine from water. An Ecohead showerhead is ideal for women who are concerned about the health and beauty of their skin. An Ecohead showerhead is also excellent for children with soft skin and for people with sensitive and atopic skin.

Collagen is the primary insoluble fibrous protein in extracellular matrices and connective tissue. Collagen networks hold cells together and create a supporting frame. Bones are also formed of collagen combined with various minerals such as calcium. Collagen is a major component of the cornea, cartilage, bones, skin and the body in general. Collagen keeps the skin flexible and firm.